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 Gang Rules

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PostSubject: Gang Rules   Gang Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 5:58 pm

[----------Rule #1----------]
Gangs must roleplay everything, from invitations to gang wars.

[----------Rule #2----------]
All street gangs must roleplay in their "hood" often. This means rolling around your hood, dealing in your hood and doing things a gang would do in real life. This does not mean you cannot go out and do things, it simply means we want to see it happen.

[----------Rule #3----------]
Families should engage in activities such as bat fights if they're a street gang and other activities along those lines. Constant fighting could be considered KoS, that means, fighting one day or two per day is good, but going every hour is not.

[----------Rule #4----------]
All gangs should use appropriate skins. For example, if you are in Grove Street Families never ask for a skin change to a Chinese skin. This is not roleplay at all and if it turns out to be a repeat offense. It could earn your gang a strike especially if abused in strike.

[----------Rule #5----------]
Do NOT mass recruit. Gangs must roleplay EVERY SINGLE invitation. If you're caught inviting members to your gang with little to no roleplay or for OOC reasons, your gang will be receiving a gang strike or possibly be disbanded.

[----------Rule #6----------]
You may never change your gang's name, roleplay theme, or slot owner without permission from the Director of Gang Management. Any violation of this rule will result in the deletion of your gang slot.

[----------Rule #7----------]
Each gang may have a maximum of Four rank 6's, one being the owner of the slot and the other three being the co-leaders. There may be a maximum of 8 rank 5's in each gang, Two per timezone. Any gang in violation of this rule may be at risk of being given strikes or possibly disbanded.

Gang Rules

1.A R5/R6 breaking any server offense that is warnable.

2.Gang-Related Offenses.

3.Three or more members in a gang breaking any server offense that is warnable*

4.Any incident where a R6 and/or R5 is to break a point rule.

5.If a slot owner gets banned. Their family will be disbanded unless reversed by the Director of Game Affairs.

6.Any incident where the name and/or ranks or theme of the gang are changed without authorization from the Director of Gang Management.

7.Any incident where a certain family is to raid another after being told that the two families are barred from raiding each other.

8.Any incident where three or more members of a family are to raid a facility with miniscule amounts of role-play.

9.Any incident where one is to be recruited with a miniscule amount of role-play, based on the DoGM's discretion.

10.When a family mass recruits (inviting members without role-play), the family will receive a strike.

11.Recruiting during a point, that the family is participating in.

12.Holding more than three points.

13.Once a point is over, all members must leave the point. If a member is caught staying there and attempting to role-play or shoot another person after point it will result in a strike.

14.If a family has two strikes. They will not be allowed to attend a point. If this rule is broken that family will be disbanded.

15.Street Gangs will not be allowed to use /ad for recruitment if they want to add people to their gang they must role play throughout Los Santos, or any connecting areas looking for people. If this rule is broken you will receive a gang warning. If a R5 or R6 is involved the family will receive a strike.

These who break the rules are trash,that's true,
but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash.
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Gang Rules
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